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#1 Wed, 08/01/2020 - 11:09

can we use a git repository?

It seems so, as git is installed. But I get an error when trying to push my local edits to gitlab. fatal: unable to access 'https://git.some/access.git/': Failed connect to git.starlab.es:443; Connection tim
ed out
It doesn't even let me introduce my user name and password.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Regards,   Marc   PD: I saw that github is working well (so I will be using that)
Wed, 08/01/2020 - 12:35

Hi Marc,

Hi Marc, yes, you can use Git on the user VMs. However, it looks like no service is listening on port 443 of host git.starlab.es, or at least we can't connect to it. Could you check with the administrators of this Git service? Regards, Dirk
Thu, 09/01/2020 - 08:48 (Reply to #2)

Hello Dirk,

Hello Dirk,   Thanks for your response. I've been remembered that git.starlab.es is only accessible through a VPN access. Could I used it on your platform. If so, it would allow for same network/data access speed?   Regards,   Marc
Thu, 09/01/2020 - 09:07 (Reply to #3)

They tell me that I would

They tell me that I would need to install openvpn.   Thanks